Aluminum application series -----low carbon green aluminum miracle
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For the Chinese people, the bike is not only a means of transport but also an old feelings. In recent years, riding has become an important way for the city to pursue a healthy life. The cycling movement is heating up and getting hotter. Sharing bicycle, become a city life in the shuttle of a "special" means of transport.
With the deepening of the concept of urban low-carbon environmental protection and the growing concept of people's health, the performance requirements of the bicycle is getting higher and higher, the material of the bicycle frame is increasingly attract people's attention.
The frame is the soul of a bicycle, at present, you can create a bicycle frame materials are the following: steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, scandium alloy, carbon fiber and so on. Aluminum alloy due to outstanding performance in terms of cost performance, is slowly becoming the mainstream of high-end bicycle frame.
The development of aluminum space is much larger than we thought. Aluminum frame bicycles began in early 1990, popular in 1995, after the popular popularity of the current mobike is used in all-aluminum frame.
The aluminum alloy frame is light and rigid. On the performance of the frame, the aluminum alloy material not only to the radio to bring the weight, under the same weight can withstand the test of outdoor sun and rain, anti-rust performance is better, especially rain weather south.
Bicycles with aluminum are generally 6 series and 7 series of aluminum alloy. 6 series of aluminum alloy, corrosion resistance, so that the use of longer frame longer; toughness, so that the pipe has more variable shape; welding strength than the 7 series to the good, not easy to break, so now Bicycles aluminum alloy frame, are the use of 6 series of aluminum alloy as the main alloy; 7 series of aluminum alloy suitable for use in parts, its drawback is low corrosion resistance, so the appearance of the need to use sandblasting Anode, but it has high strength characteristics, so it will use the parts in the bike, such as the vertical, handle, sitting tube and other accessories.
Bicycle with its more environmentally friendly, green, healthy image of the people's favor, whether it is the streets of shared bicycles, or self-purchased bicycles, not only became the public to get off work convenient transport, but also people relax A way of experiencing.
At the just-concluded meeting, "sharing bicycles" was also a hot topic. According to the figures provided by the China Bicycle Association, China's bicycle production in recent years about 80 million or so, according to the relevant data show that only the two bicycles, ofo two giants in 2017 put on nearly 20 million, production capacity is expected Reaching 30 million. At present, the weight of the small orange car with the aluminum alloy frame is 25 kg. If half of the 30 million aluminum cars will pull aluminum consumption by 375,000 tons, this is another new hot area of aluminum consumption.
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