Vice premier of the state council ma kai research the DALISHEN Aluminum Ltd., Co
窟下晩豚2016-09-24 22:57:08

On September 23, 2016, member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee, vice premier of the state council Makai accompanied by the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and the ministry of science and technology, national defense industry bureau and relevant people's government of Jiangsu province to DALISHEN Aluminum Ltd., Co. head of the research current situation of the development of new materials.

At 11:00 am, Makai, deputy prime minister, Li Nianxiu deputy director of the national development and reform commission, the ministry vice-minister Xin Guobin, vice governor Zhang Jinghua, former vice President of Chinese academy of engineering Gan Yong such as a line in the DALISHEN Aluminum Ltd., Co chairman Cao Xiaoguo, general manager, accompanied by Cao Kuang, inspected the DALISHEN Aluminum Ltd., Co. Inspect the hot rolling and cold rolling factory. During the inspection, the chairman and general manager made a detailed report to vice premier Makai. Ma carefully inquired about the company's production equipment, technology and talent team. After hearing of aluminum foil products of the company has been in short supply, since production Makai gives affirmation and told continue to expand domestic and foreign markets, to high-end application domains such as aerospace, with great concentration to develop more readily marketable products, continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness.

Makai pointed out that the new material industry is the strategic and basic industry of the national economy, and is an important support to build a powerful country. Emphasize to lead to new development concept, adhere to the demand of traction, strategic orientation, material first, innovation drive, with use, civil-military integration, market leading, government promotion, makes breakthrough in a number of key materials, speed up the perfect the system of new material industry and enhance the international competition ability, to make power construction and make greater contribution to economic and social development.
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