Beiqi Group Chairman Xu Heyi led his unit to visit my company
发布日期:2015-10-28 22:55:42

Xu and his party visited my company's production workshop and the results of the exhibition hall. In 2010, Hercules spent $ 50 million on the entire acquisition of the original Aleris aluminum plant in Canada all the equipment and technology, and on this basis, the aluminum alloy project was re-planning and design, the acquisition of a comprehensive upgrade equipment and transformation. Project products can not only be used in transportation, automobile manufacturing, household appliances and other fields, but also the development of aviation aluminum and other high-end products to meet the needs of China's aviation industry. After the production, will form an annual output of 250,000 tons of plate, large wide board, quenching board, brazing plate production capacity, built the world famous aluminum production base. In the knowledge that Hercules in technological innovation, product applications and other aspects of the industry has been in a leading position, Xu and Yi frequently praised, and hope that it continues to do finishing, increase scientific research, and strive to allow enterprises to climb the new peak.


Yesterday afternoon, Beiqi Group Chairman Xu Heyi led his unit to visit our company, around the use of new materials and companies to explore the possibility of cooperation. City leaders Tong Guoxiang, Li Gang, Zhao Liqun accompanied by inspection.
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