The provincial governor Li Xueyong researched the integration of military and civilian in our c
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20th July: Today morning, the provincial governor Li Xueyong did the research in our company, accompanied by Xia Jinwen, Zhu Xiaoming, Li Xuefeng, Tong Guoxiang, Chen Keke and Zhao Liqun. In DALISHEN Aluminum Co. Ltd., Li Xueyong learned about the capacity, profit margin, processing capability, industry cetification and many other information of our company. He also asked about the technical content and market appliance of the products in detail. Our company bought out of all the processing plants and R&D equipment of Aleris Canada Company and shipped back home. The products can be used not only in the field of transportation, automobile manufacturing, household appliance but also the aerospace and other high-end products to meeting the development needs of China's aviation industry. After the equipment are put into production, the annual output of set plate, large wide board, quenching board and brazing plate of our company will be over 250,000 tons. The sales volume will be over 10 billion and the world-wide famous aluminum production base will be built. By now, all the imported equipment have arrived at the factory and the contract of China's first dual-production value of 145 million yuan double-rack double coiling hot rolling production line equipment has been signed. A 52,000 square meters plant construction has been completed, equipment installation, commissioning has been in place, in October last year has been pilot production, put into operation in February this year.
Our company is at the industry-leading position in technoogical innovation and product application and this won the appreciation from Li Xueyong. He also encouraged our company to continue to increase and deepen scientific exploration to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.
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