The secretary of the provincial standing committee and discipline inspection commission Hon Qiang in
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Recently, the provincial party committee standing committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Hongqiang combined into the town of Danyang City, the town of solid village, Yangzhong City, the new dam town of new village to carry out the "three solutions and three promotion" resident research, in-depth rural and business, Opinions, and research the development of the city's aerospace industry.
20 afternoon, accompanied by party secretary Xia Jinwen, Hongqiang went to Zhenjiang New Area Aerospace Industrial Park investigation and research. General Airport is the first approved in East China General Airport, a project 30 meters × 800 meters runway and 30,000 square meters apron, contact has been completed, and made the use of civil aviation airport license. Hongqiang site to listen to the airport construction report, a careful look at the aircraft runway and hangar, and with great interest to sit in the EA500 general aircraft cockpit.I heard that the city based on industrial advantages, the integration of educational resources, to speed up the construction of Jiangsu Aviation Vocational and Technical College and will begin enrollment next year, Hong Qiang expressed appreciation, certainly this will Zhenjiang aerospace industry to provide strong technical and talent support. Subsequently, Hongqiang deep in the aircraft Fischer Aviation Parts Co., Ltd. and aerospace Haiying (Zhenjiang) Special Materials Co., Ltd. production workshop, a detailed understanding of business operations, project construction and so on. Fischer company specializes in aviation composite materials production, she encouraged enterprises to play their own technological advantages, and continuously enhance market competitiveness. Aerospace sea eagle company has become China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. C919 large passenger aircraft nine body structure suppliers, Hongqiang asked the local party committee and government to further increase service efforts to help enterprises better and faster development..
21 morning, Hong Qiang accompanied by Mayor Zhu Xiaoming, went to Danyang Development Zone visited the Hercules Aluminum Co., Ltd.. I heard that the production of aluminum alloy plate is widely used in aerospace, rail transportation and other fields, Hong strong encourage enterprises to increase investment in innovation, strengthen the market development, to achieve greater development.
During the research period, Hongjiang fully affirmed the development of the city's aerospace industry, high space, large environment, excellent environment, good momentum, scale effect and agglomeration effect of the initial show, technological innovation and platform carrier construction has bright spots, the prospects are very broad. She hoped that the city to seize the opportunity, firm confidence, momentum and on, to promote the aerospace industry bigger and stronger, making it a new normal Zhenjiang distinctive transformation of the road highlights the highlights.
Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Standing Committee, Secretary General, General Manager Zhu Junyou, the city leaders Sun Jian, Li Xiaoping, Li Xuefeng, Tong Guoxiang has accompanied the investigation. (Reporter Hu Jianwei)
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