Zhenjiang City Party Secretary Xia Jinwen to visit our company
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Zhenjiang economic map, Danyang has a pivotal position, the volume accounted for one-third of the city's strong. Yesterday afternoon, the party secretary Xia Jinwen to Danyang research, asked to consciously walk in the practice of "four comprehensive" forefront, firmly adhere to the "development of the first priority" unwavering, to deepen the reform to vitality, to technological innovation to kinetic energy, to the transition Upgrade to benefit, take the lead in the city, to make a demonstration, step by step to the modern model of southern Jiangsu demonstration area into a reality blueprint.
Xia Jinwen has inspected Hercules Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Hengshen Fiber Materials Co., Ltd., Diving Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and China (Danyang) International Optical City, focusing on understanding the operation of enterprises, technological innovation, project construction and so on. Hercules Group has a leading international aluminum processing production line, the roar of the machine in the workshop, the production line all at full capacity. Xia Jinwen carefully look at the process, understand the product performance and market space, that enterprises are about to invest a 145 million yuan hot rolling production line, he encouraged to seize market opportunities, as soon as possible into production. Hengshen company with an annual output of 10,000 tons of carbon fiber composite materials construction projects, is committed to creating a complete industrial chain, built with a strong economic and social benefits. Xia Jinwen on technology research, promotion and application and development prospects and other issues, and business leaders in-depth exchanges, hoping to continue to increase innovation, and constantly overcome technical difficulties, to higher technology content of the product industry leading.
As a large medical device group, diving last year acquired two listed companies, a variety of products market share in the forefront of the industry, the development of a wide space.Xia Jinwen sure companies use capital leverage to encourage the continued development of high-quality products , The deep plowing market, to maintain the leading position. International Optical City stopped a lot of foreign license plate vehicles, when the market has learned that after three generations of change, the new market business is booming, radiation national, Xia Jinwen Danyang market to do big projects, Strong market, do excellent brand, and further play the traditional industries on the support of the local economy.
After listening to the report of the situation in Danyang, Xia Jinwen said, all the way to see and hear, people feel very excited, Danyang development in recent years, strong vitality, innovation and more bright, dry stuff, the change is very large. He pointed out that walking in the forefront of the city, when the vanguard, is the municipal government on the Danyang a consistent request. General Secretary "four comprehensive" strategic thinking, is the current and future period of our total work to follow the general grasp of the general strategy. Danyang to take the lead in the implementation of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, grasp the rich connotation and logical relationship, the system planning to promote and ensure that the ground to take root. He also asked Danyang to deepen the reform as a "leading Zhenjiang, first to the first southeastern" a key move to release the market vitality hedge down the pressure to reform the "hoof disease stability" to ensure the development of "stable Zhiyuan."
The new norm is a major trend in the current development. Xia Jinwen pointed out that Danyang earlier show the new normal characteristics, to quasi-direction, grasp the essence, and always maintain the development of strength, rationality and passion to take the initiative, take the lead in the attitude, the first to explore the new normal development path. We should focus more on the major reforms in the economic field, and at the same time, we should attach great importance to the "five modernizations" and the structure of the productive forces, and we will focus more on the reform of the industrial structure Balanced, full release of innovation to drive new dividends, pay close attention to effective input, output efficiency and quality and efficient projects, and effectively "steady progress" of the objectives and tasks implemented.
The construction of modern demonstration area in southern Jiangsu is the main line of reform and development of the city. Xia Jinwen hope Danyang to further enhance the "development path for the city Pathfinder," the responsibility and awareness, to maintain strategic strength, solid and effective advance, in close connection with reality, adhere to innovation and practice, highlight the people's livelihood priority, to ensure practical results, the established goal of perseverance Caught in place. He also asked Danyang to further strengthen the economic characteristics, enhance the city characteristics, to enlarge the ecological characteristics, highlight the cultural characteristics, the first to take "ecological leadership, the characteristics of the development of" a new pace.
Xia Jinwen finally stressed that Danyang leadership team to work together, good governance, take the lead in unity, tree righteousness, talk about the rules, discipline, stresses hard work, first class, with excellent party style winds to promote social wind, the formation of conducive to Danyang and Good and fast development of good microclimate.
Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Li Xuefeng, Municipal Committee, Danyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Tong Guoxiang accompanied by research. (Beam and peak)
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